Listen. I’m no #influencer, but I really love skincare. In my early 20s, I struggled with cystic acne, and I hated that every brand & multi-level company marketed THEIR solution as the cure-all. Everyone’s skin is different – there is no cure-all. So I became an armchair expert, determined to learn what really was best for my skin. Now, I’d like to help you learn what’s best for yours.

I’ve been diving deep into the world of beauty products for five years now. I’m not a dermatologist – just a woman who really loves her BHA’s and Vitamin C serums. But since I’ve tried… basically all of them, I know what’ll work for you. So if you’re too busy to research the moisture barrier and how you’ve been damaging it, figure out what order to put your products on your face, or just don’t want to deal with pushy salespeople trying to sell you a $98 face cream (um, no thank you) – I’m your girl. Tell me what you want from your skincare, why your current lineup isn’t working, and what matters to you in your products, and I’ll whip up a routine that fits your life and your budget.

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Not sure yet? Check out these kind words from happy people I’ve worked with in the past!

“After dealing with increased redness in my skin and trying many popular products with no results, I became overwhelmed with all the options. I decided to reach out to Jessica to help me find the best products for my needs. She helped me understand what I needed and created an everyday skincare routine that is manageable and within my budget. She took the stress out of the process, and I love the results I’m seeing in my skin!”

Taylor (Charleston, SC)

“I always found skin care products to be intimidating. There are so many different solutions for different skin and I had no idea what was best for my skin. Jessica helped me find solutions for my skin type, wrote out a step-by-step routine and made it easy for me to find a skincare regimen that was approachable AND fun!”

Alexis (Houston, TX)