Listen, Monday morning can be tough.

You turn off your alarm, stumble into the bathroom, & see yourself, getting ready to start a new week. Maybe you have some serious bedhead. Maybe your skin isn’t as clear as you’d like it to be. Hey, maybe your alarm didn’t even go off today, so you’re skipping that contemplative mirror moment so you’re not LATE TO WORK. In those waking moments? Be kind to yourself.

Finally, you’re on your way to work, or to your kids’ school, or to run errands. Right when traffic is at its most crazy, a guy cuts you off. He seems, somehow, angry at you at this turn of events. In that stressful moment? Be kind to him.

You’re in line at your favorite coffee shop, and the girl in front of you just cannot get it together. She’s dropping her keys. She can’t find her credit card. She isn’t even sure what she wants to order. And you just need some caffeine – like, yesterday. In that rushed moment? Be kind to her.

The day feels like it should be over by the time to sit down to look at your to-do list at 9am. It looks more than a little overwhelming – it looks impossible. There are bills to pay, emails to reply to, work that must get done. In those panicked moments? Be kind to yourself.

The way you begin your Monday can determine the course of your entire week. I’m not here to offer you a streamlined solution to getting your family out the door or a productivity guide that guarantees you’ll have that to-do list done by 5pm. I’m just here to offer kindness. To remind you to take care of your own soul – especially in the frantic pace of a brand new week’s start. And to remind you to go easy on everyone else’s hearts, too – we’re all a little fragile. We could all use a little more kindness, especially on Monday.

If you need a little shot of encouragement as a new week begins, I know just the place.

Join the movement to #makeMondaykind.