hope on the rise.

As soon as the Christmas tree goes up every year, my morning routine shifts. All I want to do is pour a cup of coffee & linger in front of it, taking in the silence of the morning & the softness of its glow (team white lights FOREVER, you guys). I can see those little lights over the top of my laptop even now. Every year, sitting in front of the tree fills me with peaceful anticipation. I love the holidays, and knowing that Christmas is coming still fills me with the same level of joy I had when I was seven. But that’s just it: I know that Christmas is coming. I’ve never experienced anxiety over if the 25th of December will be wiped off the calendar this year. I’m waiting with the knowledge that there’s a celebration ahead.

In recent years, Advent’s started to stir my heart in the same way.

When we look at the headlines these days, it’s easy to feel a dark cloud creeping over our souls. It feels endless & hopeless some days. This year, sitting in front of the tree & celebrating Advent have become synonymous to me – I’m waiting for a hope that will surely arrive on time. Because I do not serve a powerless God, even when things seem hopeless. Below the surface, the kingdom of heaven is stirring. Chains are being broken. Darkness is being exposed to the light. Don’t you see it, too? Hope is on the rise.

I can’t shake this feeling, that even in darkness, hope is rumbling with power. “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” So I grabbed a few friends whose voices I trust most, & we sat down to write about it. Hope on the Rise is a daily Advent devotional that will be delivered straight from our hearts to your inbox every morning – for free, of course. This isn’t about money. This is about living into hope together. I can’t help but smile as I write this, because I’m waiting with the knowledge that my King is coming. That’s what Advent is, after all. We wait. We expect. We hope.

And he comes to save us.


Want a big dose of hope in your inbox this Advent season? Click here to sign up. 

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