Lent: Rest + Receive

Jesus & I had a good talk about Lent this year.

I’m not much for giving things up simply for the sake of sacrifice. But this year, He set me straight, & something clicked. At the core of it all, Lent is not about giving up something for Jesus. Lent is about receiving something from Jesus. The problem is, my hands are typically too full of everything else to get what’s most important for my soul.

So I’m giving some things up. I’m letting my soul rest so that I can find a healthier rhythm. So that I can hear Jesus’ whisper over the shouts of the urgent but unimportant. So that I can receive the things I’ve been hungry for all along.

This is a devotional for the weary. For the tired. For the ones who, like me, are ready for a new rhythm. These daily thoughts are not meant to be an all-encompassing study of Lent, but I hope they’ll spark something new in your soul as we seek Jesus together.

Download Lent 2016 – Rest + Receive here.

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