Community Fridays: A Little Update

Happy Friday, friends!

My first post-grad week has mostly been spent stuffing various items into various cardboard boxes. I can officially confirm that moving is still not fun in the slightest, in case any of you were wondering. But even in the midst of a “menial task” week, my energy is only growing. With each box I tape up, I’m one step closer to a brand new season.

We are less than three months away from the #Stolen release. (EEK!!!) It will be available wherever books are sold on August 4th. You can also grab a preorder from Amazon here.

In that little 12 week time span, I’m moving to two new cities (apparently, moving boxes are my new normal), working on a brand new (secret) project, and attending/participating in approximately one billion weddings. (Okay, seven. But still.)

I can’t tell you a whole lot about my new project just yet, but I can fill you in on a few things: first, I’m very, very excited about it. Second, it involves a lot of words. Third, I think it is so important. Just last night, I had a conversation about it that made me cry. (I cry when I’m passionate about things. You get used to it.) Dividing my time between this new adventure & book promotion-y things (that’s the official phrase, I think) means that the blog’s entering a new season right along with me.

For the last three months, we’ve gotten to sit down & share words over a cup of coffee every single morning. It’s been incredible. I can’t imagine life without you now, my internet friends. From day one, I’ve always wanted to give you my best & most genuine writing, & this season just doesn’t allow me to give that to you every day. Some of my mornings look different right now. Crazier. Busier. But I promise I’ll drop in sometimes, because it will always be important for me to cultivate a safe space for us to wrestle through life, give kindness, and laugh together. And to share my playlists, of course. Just know that if you hear from me a little less in the coming weeks, it’s because I’m chasing down some other passions that I think are really important, too. And as always, I would love to hear from you at, whether you have a question, blog post ideas, or just want to pop over & say hi!

I am so thankful for you. You might never even know how much it encourages my heart to hear that you resonate with what I write, that you’re learning & growing & changing right alongside of me. You are truly my people. There are countless corners of the internet you could choose to spend time on, & it is always an honor to see you show up in mine. Talk to you soon, friends!

**As I read over this post, I’m realizing that I used an obscene amount of parentheses. That is just where my brain’s at right now — lots of afterthoughts & side notes. I’m not really apologizing for it, just letting you know that yes, I saw them, too. Carry on. Happy weekend.

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