Just Let Him Talk

A few weeks ago, my roommate busted into my room on a lazy Sunday afternoon & said, “Church was exactly what I needed to hear this morning! So amazing.” Then, she proceeded to sit on the side of my bed & share something that, to me, honestly — was a little boring. Afterward, I went to read the chapter in Romans she’d mentioned & felt the confusion deepen, because that’s not what I would have taken from those verses at all.

Then, I heard that quiet whisper from Jesus. You know, the one that speaks gently but still convicts every fiber of your being. “Don’t assume that you know what I needed her to hear today.” (Ouch.)

That little exchange taught me a valuable lesson that still echoes in my mind every time a spiritually inclined conversation comes up among my people. Just because God is saying this to me doesn’t mean He can’t be saying that to her. Scripture is alive. It can work on different pieces of each of our hurting hearts without ever missing a beat. It can stir souls to action in countless ways. The same verse can convict one & encourage another. Jesus is versatile like that. So assuming that I know what everyone needs to hear is just downright prideful. (Ouch again.) Sometimes, I’m standing so high on my little soapbox, preaching away, that I forget to settle down & just let Him speak for Himself.

I want to clarify here: I am definitely not saying that the Bible can mean whatever we want it to mean. If we “get something” out of a verse that was never intended to be “gotten,” we’ve crossed the line into dangerous territory. Examine the truth carefully. Stand firm on it. Speak out in light of it. Live in faith based on it.

But just know that God uses unchanging truth to speak into our ever-changing lives, & that might look different to me than it does to my roommate. Or my parents. Or my coworkers. Or you. Today’s the day to lay down our pride in favor of celebrating the fact that we serve a God who is powerful enough — & cares enough — to minister to our souls in unique ways, day after day. Let’s let Him talk.

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