Truth Should Be Loud

There’s a lot of talk about calling out lies these days. Our generation has more voices to listen to than ever before — but they are not all telling the truth. We’ve learned that. So we’ve also learned to champion the cause of quieting the untrue kind of voices, telling ourselves that we are not defined by our Instagram popularity, our body type, our financial situation. Quieting the lies is good. But it’s not enough.

For a long time, I worked to cut out those voices that told me to be lose more weight, make more money, get more followers, date more guys. But even as I trained my spirit to block out damaging thought patterns, I felt the void of those voices. I knew the lies weren’t what I needed. But I needed something. I was getting tired of fighting untruths with nothing to restore my soul after the battles.

At the end of the day, my heart doesn’t need quieter lies. It craves louder truth. The lies will always whisper to me. Sometimes, they even shout. So I’m learning to do more than just call out untrue things. Instead, I’m pouring myself into embracing true ones.

Sometimes, I just need to speak the truth to myself. More than a few times, I’ve caught myself speaking truth to myself in the mirror in the morning. Out loud. The lies always speak out loud, so why shouldn’t I? I scrawl truth across sticky notes, I read it in books, & I recite it in my mind. I wash my soul with it daily. The restoration my heart has found in simple truths is bigger than I could even assign a number to.

But here’s the truth: other times, I’m hard to convince. My own words sometimes fall short when a lie’s rooted especially deep. So I’m careful to guard my inner circle these days. I want those closest to my heart to consistently speak life, not death; peace, not conflict; encouragement, not criticism. My friends who aren’t afraid of speaking truth into my dark places are friends I cling to. Friends I need. Friends we all need.

Calling out lies is good. Speaking out truth is better. You & I can be the kind of people who speak life wherever we find ourselves today. Our hearts are desperate for it. So proclaim it to your soul, & to every soul you come across. Today, there is truth for the taking.

One Reply to “Truth Should Be Loud”

  1. Wow, I love this! What a great way to fight against lies that wiggle their way into my life. Thanks so much for sharing!


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