Community Fridays: These Are My People

To my internet friends: You & I have spent a lot of time getting to know each other here, but you might not know much about the people I love. Graduation is tomorrow. Before that day gets here & emotions go flying everywhere, I wanted you to meet some of the people who have shaped my time here in Virginia.

To Kate, Jules, & Liz: I don’t tell you enough how honored I am to call you my best friends. Thought I’d make up for it by telling a whole bunch of other people, too 🙂

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(Julia, Katelyn, Liz & I. WE ARE REALLY GRADUATING, Y’ALL.)

When life resets every six months, your inner circle tends to change along with your class schedule. Lots of relationships come & go — and that’s okay. That’s college life. But every year with Julia has only gotten sweeter. Freshman year, we were acquaintances (& secretly, I thought she was the coolest person in classes with me). Sophomore year, we found friendship through choir practices & excessive amounts of gummy bears. Junior year, between road trips to each other’s houses, friendship turned into something more like family. And senior year, she became my next door neighbor, my number one confidant, and a best friend turned sister I know I’ll keep for life. I can say without a doubt that she makes me better & more like Jesus. Jules knows all my secrets & all my crazy & she still loves me best.

Looking back at life when I was eighteen is equal parts hilarious and embarrassing. I’m grateful beyond belief that I am not the girl I was when I showed up to Liberty University four years ago. Katelyn was there to witness the freshman year me, & she’s still here, which is incredible in & of itself. No one has been more consistently present in my life from day one to day one million of college. We’ve laughed together, cried together, road tripped together, and prayed together. And now, we’re moving to Nashville together. As we’ve grown up, we haven’t grown apart — & I’m thankful every day. Kate is the biggest encourager I know, & I can’t imagine Liberty without her.

Sometimes, friendships are born out of necessity & turn into something more fun that you could have ever imagined. That’s my relationship with Liz. We’d had class together throughout school, but the summer before senior year, she moved into my apartment. Because I needed a new roommate, she needed a place to stay, & she had a great bookshelf that I really wanted to steal from. As two introverted girls, I figured we’d share a bathroom & some conversations, sure, but I never counted on her becoming my best friend. Every day in our house is filled with laughter, coffee, rambling discussions on psychology, & the hashtag #roommateoftheyear. The past twelve months have been healing for me because of a friend & roommate who listens & laughs her way through life with me.


There are so many other sweet friends I’ve gathered in this season. I hope I can introduce you to them soon, too! In the spirit of brevity, I’ll save their sappy posts for another day. For now, the four of us are walking across that stage & into a whole new world. We’ll be apart from each other — but not really, because our lives have profoundly marked each other’s for the better. I wouldn’t trade a single day.

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