Relish, Don’t Rush

This is the week that everything changes.

In two short days, I’ll step across a stage & into a brand new season of life. Four years in this little town: years that grew me up, changed my heart & my passions & my call, that taught me to wrestle with who I was until I was proud of her. Four years that brought friendships deeper than I knew could exist & dreams bigger than I expected could come true. Years that challenged me to my core, years that deserve to be celebrated — & years that I haven’t taken for granted.

In earlier seasons, I raced to the finish line as fast as my legs could carry me. My heart hadn’t learned to rest. My soul hadn’t learned to savor. The thing I am most thankful for about college is that I really, truly lived it. I didn’t wish it away. I didn’t rush through the weeks like a wildfire. I didn’t daydream about tomorrow so much that I lost all my todays.

My time at college was not perfect. But my time at college is something I can be proud of. Because I failed forward, because I grew in gratefulness for the good while growing in wisdom through the bad, & because I held tight to every weekend, every road trip, every celebration.

So friends, no matter what it looks like, cherish the moment you’re in. When you look back on this season one day, you’ll be proud to say that you relished it, rather than rushing off in search of better ones. Life’s for the living. So that’s what we should do.

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