Jesus On Aisle Three

Sunday night, I got some hard news. Yesterday, I went to the dollar section of Target for a little retail therapy. Because when cute things are less than five dollars, you buy them. And you feel better.

While I was sifting through things, an older lady glanced up and said, “How are you, sweet girl?” I thought about my hard news. Then I thought about my upcoming graduation, the move to my favorite city, and the gorgeous weather this week’s brought. The good far outweighed the bad. So I smiled & said, “I’m great. How are you?” She grinned back & told me, “I can just see the joy of the Lord all over you!” She introduced herself as Miss Mary, and we chatted about my time at Liberty & how I couldn’t wait to start life in Nashville, until she grabbed my left hand & asked, “Honey, are you married?” I laughed & shook my head. Then, this sweet lady offered up some words that blew my mind.

“Sweet girl, I know that life can be confusing sometimes. But when things are uncertain and the timing feels all wrong, just know that Jesus has already written the conclusion. He has what’s best for you. He has a man picked out for you. He has a plan picked out for you. He told me to keep being faithful. Don’t you dare settle, sweet girl. Settling will knock the joy right out of you.”

Now, y’all. Miss Mary couldn’t have known that my hard news a few days ago had anything to do with relationships. But it did. She couldn’t have known that I needed a mini sermon on the faithfulness of my Jesus to plan out every one of my days. But I did. And I couldn’t have known I’d meet such a precious lady in the dollar section of Target. But He did.

Right there, in the middle of the store, Miss Mary prayed over my life. And I felt Jesus there. He is an on-time God who loves to show up in supermarkets, subway stations, and sanctuaries alike. Miss Mary was on the lookout for Him yesterday — & she blessed my heart in places she didn’t even know were hurting. I want to be looking for Jesus in the aisles of Target, too. I want to be looking for Him everywhere. For the record, I did buy some really cute things at Target today. But the best part of my shopping trip was free.

Thanks, Miss Mary. Here’s to becoming more like you.

One Reply to “Jesus On Aisle Three”

  1. Hi Jessica, I love that you are open to Jesus showing up, even at Target, through a wise woman. You encouraged me and made me smile. I am blessed to know you, even if it was for a short time. Your furture is bright. love u


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