Sounding Like Me

Recently, I heard another writer complain, “It’s like people expect my interactions with them to be the same as I am on paper. I’m just not good in person.” It’s been weeks, & that comment still doesn’t sit right with me. Because I do want to be the same in person as I sound on paper. A little less eloquent, less filtered, with a few less funny one-liners, maybe. But I never want to curate my writing voice to the point that my real life voice isn’t recognizable. I want my voice to be heard & known, both on my blog & out of my mouth. No matter where I find myself, I want my passions to be communicated, my character to be unwavering, & my kindness to be evident. I’m not saying that I’m perfect at consistently showing these things. But I promise that I am trying — & that I always will.

Some of you get to interact with me often in real life. But lots of you are internet friends. This post is really for you. For the ones I haven’t cooked dinner or Netflix marathoned or road tripped with. For the ones I haven’t grabbed coffee & shared dreams with. Well, at least not yet. If we ever do get the chance to share real life together — and I hope that we do! — I hope you’d recognize me. Not from my picture, but from my heart. If we run into each other in an airport or a bookstore or an Anthropologie, I hope I’d feel familiar. I hope our first conversation over coffee would feel a lot like the conversations we get to share here every morning. I hope you would feel like I’m a friend you’ve already known. At the end of the day, I just want my words to sound like me, whether they’re shared across a table or splashed across a screen.

This is my heart. I want you to know it well. And I can’t wait to know yours, too.

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