Living With Less (So That I Can Have More)

I have too much stuff.

Yes, I know that was the title of Friday’s post. But sifting through it all weekend has only solidified that reality in my mind. I’ve been reading up on simplification — the capsule wardrobe, the minimalist movement, diet limitations — you name it, I’ve probably looked into it. Some of these ideas are great. Some of these ideas are things I’m planning to start. But all this hype about living with less flicked a switch in my brain. Our cries for minimalism may not have much to do with tangible stuff, after all.

It’s easy to get rid of those extra bags of tangible things. It’s hard to get rid of baggage — and that’s the real “stuff”. That is what’s weighing us down. Maybe we focus on eliminating possessions from our closets because we don’t want to eradicate people-pleasing from our mindsets. Maybe, at the end of the day, we don’t need to carry fewer grocery bags, we need to carry less guilt. We don’t need less stuff, we need less “stuff.” Less stress. Less cynicism. Less bitterness & jealousy & pride & needless hurt.

Today, I’m choosing to live with less. Whether we’re talking about possessions or the position of my heart, living with less stuff brings freedom. I’m starting to believe living with less is the key to living with more: more grace, more joy, more healing, more space to breathe. Minimalism of the junk in my life could lead to maximization of the things my soul really craves. That’s a trade I’m willing to make any day.

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