Community Fridays: I Have Too Much Stuff (Also, New Music)

This week, I started doing my least favorite thing in the world: packing. With every move, I’m baffled by how many possessions I’ve accumulated in such a short time. My stuff multiplied in two years, I swear. During the packing process, I question purchases left & right. I sit in piles of clothes & books & dishes and wonder if all the “stuff” is really necessary. It’s a great time to purge, but a horrible time for my stress level. The only thing that makes it a little easier? A good playlist. This one’s been my go-to lately, & I think it’s high time I shared it. Whether you’re packing for a move, studying for finals, or tackling projects at work, I can almost guarantee that this will take your stress level down & chill level up. Happy Friday, friends — enjoy the soundtrack to your weekend!

Packing Playlist

  1. Ink – Coldplay
  2. Bright – Echosmith
  3. Hard to Find – The National
  4. Je Suis Pret – Brooke Fraser
  5. Under the Table – Banks
  6. Someone Else – LANY
  7. Letting Go – Sawyer
  8. Hymn – Fleurie
  9. Los Angeles – Mat Kearney
  10. Dark Matter – Andrew Belle
  11. Live While We’re Young – Johnnyswim
  12. Honey, Fire – Aaron Krause
  13. Learning How to Love – Colony House
  14. Reckless Love – Bleachers
  15. One Night Town – Ingrid Michaelson

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