So, You Can’t Write a Book

Sneak peek into the most common conversation in my life these days:

“I’ve always wanted to write a book!”

I always tell them, “You should do it!”

“Oh, I never could. I just think it would be awesome if I did.”

The encourager in me wants to hug these people & tell them that they really, truly can do it. But sometimes, one glance into their eyes reveals fear & hesitation that one big pep talk could never fix. So instead, I’ve started giving them a piece of practical advice that takes root deeper than a quick encouraging send-off. If your dream is overwhelming you today, I hope these words take root in your heart, too.

It’s okay if a dream seems too big to tackle. It’s not okay to hide behind fear & do nothing.

The advice I’ve learned to follow: when you can’t do it all, do a little bit. So you can’t write a book today. That’s okay. Write a blog. Write a page. Write a paragraph. Write out a prayer. So you can’t run a marathon today. That’s okay. Run a 5k. Run a mile. Walk a mile. So you can’t clean out the clutter in your house today. That’s okay. Clean one room. Clean one cabinet. Clean one shelf in the cabinet.

The simplest advice in the world becomes the easiest math in the world: day after day, those little bits become a lot. The pages turn into books & the miles turn into marathons. And just like that, you’re holding the dream you thought you’d never tackle right there in your hands. Conquering the biggest challenges & meeting the loftiest goals happens when we learn to harness passion into daily discipline. And daily discipline looks a lot like little bits that add up. So what are you waiting for? You have dreams to tackle, my friend.

2 Replies to “So, You Can’t Write a Book”

  1. I love this! I hear these doubts all the time (and have more than a few myself), and appreciate the simplicity of this solution — and how easy and completely achievable it is. I’m going to pass this along 🙂


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