The Best Day, The Worst Day, Just Another Tuesday

Last weekend, I heard a sermon about joy.

I know, we’ve all heard at least nineteen of those. But don’t tune out just yet. This one’s got an illustration that’ll rock your way of thinking.

A few years ago, some psychologists measured contentment levels in two groups of people who had gone through life-altering events. The first group? Those who had been in an accident and were left as quadriplegics. The second? Lottery winners. The results floored me. Six months after their lives were turned upside down, whether for better or worse, almost every participant in the study registered a contentment level that was pretty much the same as before the event had taken place.

The fact that lottery winners lose their elation & quadriplegics spring back to emotional health is more than just psychologically interesting. It points to a truth that’s woven deep into the fabric of each of our souls.

Authentic joy will never flow from circumstantial life. Joy springs up from the depths of the well that is truth. The truth? We are loved. We are known. We are inherently important to the One who numbered our breaths & the hairs on our heads. When we rest in circumstances, good or bad, we’ll always return to the plateau of complacency. But when we rest in the truth — when we fix our minds on it, when we speak it over ourselves & others, when we choose to believe it even when our circumstances don’t seem to reflect it — we receive overwhelming, soul-deep joy.

Whether today’s the best day, the worst day, or just another Tuesday, I choose to rest on the truth. What about you?

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