Truth for the Bumps in the Road

Some days, life goes really smoothly.

Yesterday was not one of those days.

I just encountered lots of bumps in the road, both literally & figuratively. But even in the craziness of health issues & traffic issues & relationship issues, Jesus carved out time to be with me. In a season of running, running, running, I found time to breathe on the interstate I know so well. And in that solitude, He whispered powerful reminders of who He is — & who I am — into my soul while I drove the day away.

My mind is tired this morning, but my soul is breathing better. While my heart is wrestling through the craziness of yesterday & the truth of today, I just want to leave you with this video. It’s absolutely worth five minutes of your time. Every year or so, I go back & watch it again. And without fail, my heart is overwhelmed by the beauty of being given a new name, a new identity, a new life. The truth in this video is powerful. And it might be just the truth you need today. Click here to watch.

Until tomorrow, friends.

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