The Secret Ingredient

Last night, I saw Colony House live for the first time. I’ve loved their music for years, but this show shot my appreciation for them off the charts. If you are not listening to & loving their music already, then read no further until you go to Spotify or iTunes. I’m serious. Go. Listen. Fall in love with what they create. Their musicianship is off the charts, their melodies original, their shows infectious. But what I love most has nothing to do with that. I love Colony House because in a sea of clichés and repeats, they bring songs that are fresh — songs that are real.

I just want to listen to music that’s honest. And it’s even more than that — I want to make art that’s honest, too. Words have the power to hold life, to bring clarity to clouded souls, to resonate in corners that have been lonely for too long. It makes no difference whether they’re sung into microphones or spilled across pages. What matters is that we create them. Sometimes, we strive & stress over creating art that’s edgy or fresh or different or new, all the while forgetting that honesty is the secret ingredient. Honesty is the part of art that connects our souls. Honesty is the key to our hearts gathering to say, “me too.”

Wherever your heart might be today, find some time to be still & get honest with it. Maybe you don’t even know where your heart is; you’ve been feeling listless, running on empty. The stillness will help you find it. Maybe you’re afraid to enter the space where your heart’s been living; it’s dark & heavy & more than a little bit painful. The stillness will help you face it. So write down some words. Pray them. Sing them. But make sure they’re true. Before we can ever be refreshingly honest before others, we have to be terrifyingly honest with ourselves. At the end of the day, dishonest creating isn’t creating at all, it’s just producing something that isn’t a reflection of you. Or of anything. Art that resonates is art that’s real. It’s time to be honest with ourselves. And then? Let’s get to creating.

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