Community Fridays: Corners That Feel Like Home

So often, you’ll hear me talk about my little corner of the internet. This is a space I love to grow & cultivate, to share life & lessons learned, to reconnect with souls I love & meet new ones along the way. But it’s not the only corner I love. There are some incredible people who also write & love & learn through this whole blogging thing. And even though I’ve never met some of these friends face to face, their little corners of the internet feel like home, too.


Design for Mankind

I stumbled onto Erin’s blog by accident — it was one of the best things that has happened, both to my writing & to my heart. Erin writes with elegance, but in a way that gets right to the raw center of the issue. Every time I read her work, I am more convinced that she understands even the most mixed-up corners of my soul. If you visit her site even one time, you will go back for more. Guaranteed.

Favorite post: The Apple Slice

“We know we’re not supposed to grocery shop when hungry. We know the result – a cart full of empty choices that make us salivate but will not nourish. And yet, we do this every day, right here online. We blink at the screen, our thumbs scrolling down, down, down. Another sunset. Another macaroon. Another fiddle leaf fig tree. I am Eve, trading gardens for apples.

I am Erin, trading here for there.”

Allison Vesterfelt

If I could pick only one blog that’s shaped my passion & my career, it would be Ally’s. She is chock full of wisdom on discovering your passion, working at what you love, & excelling in the freelance world. Even if you’re not a writer, there is wisdom & encouragement waiting for you there. Ally writes with authority, but in a way that will leave you celebrating the victories to come, not worried that you’ll never reach them.

Favorite post: Discouragement Is a Natural Part of Accomplishing Goals

“‘So you didn’t get a book deal,’ she said. ‘You found yourself.’ That was really helpful for me. Because I realized that if I had to choose between getting a book deal or finding myself, finding myself was clearly the more valuable of the two. I didn’t want to miss the truly valuable thing I received simply because I didn’t get what I thought I would get.”

The Big Mama Blog

If I want to laugh — the kind of laughter that causes tears to roll down your cheeks & joy to reach all the way to your toes — Melanie’s blog is my first stop. Honestly, she makes everyday life a hysterical adventure, day in & day out. I also own all three of her books. I’ve probably followed her blog for longer than any other, & I’ve never been disappointed. Her humor is just my brand — story after story of unlikely, but believable events that just have to be true, told from her equal part southern & sassy perspective.

Favorite post: In Summary, Shorts Tan, Soccer Games, & Encyclopedias

“My legs had their first outing of the year this weekend. Although I guess I don’t really mean my legs because my legs have gone everywhere with me all year long. I mean my legs in shorts. And so I apologize to anyone who was blinded by their whiteness.But now I’m aware that the time for self-tanner has come, mainly because I also have my first shorts tan of the year which matches nicely with the sunburn I have just on my forearms thanks to the three-quarter sleeve shirt I wore with my shorts to Caroline’s soccer game on Saturday. It’s going to take some dedication to even this whole thing out.”

Storyline Blog

Storyline isn’t run by one person. Instead, I feel like I’m catching wisdom as fast as I can soak it in from a whole team of creative leaders who feel more like friends. Storyline, a brand begun by Donald Miller, has a way of cutting through the shallow to get to the real. This blog has been invaluable to my creativity & to my relationships. I always close my browser feeling challenged to be a better person — in all the best ways.

Favorite post: A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties (by: Cadence Turpin)

“What if instead of introducing your friend as Jennifer the nurse, you started introducing her as Jennifer, one of most thoughtful people you know, or Jennifer the friend who helped you move in when you didn’t know a soul in this city. Introducing your friends for who they are rather than focusing on what they do will remind them they are loved before and beyond their titles. It’s an easy way to remind them that you see them for their hearts instead of their accomplishments.”


These are the four corners I run to when I need a good laugh, a spark of creativity, or a dose of encouragement. What are your favorite spots on the internet these days?

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