Sometimes, Success Is One Little Word Away

For a long time, I only said the words, “I’m a writer,” in my head. Back then, my heart was full of ideas that turned into iPhone notes that turned into… nothing else. I put my thoughts to paper once or twice a month, at best, & every time I did, I came alive. I thought, “I’m a writer!” But I never said it. Because writers — well, they write. I knew no one would respect that sentence until I starting producing content. When you do something occasionally, it becomes a hobby. When you are something, it becomes a passion, even an identity. So if I wanted that title “writer” to carry any weight, the first step was to write consistently.

Without consistency, there is no respect.

Remember, you will never find what you love until you know who you are. So do the work. Decide what to be & go be it. But act out of that identity consistently. Do you want to be a leader? Use your influence well — even if the reach of your influence is your small group, your kids, your coworkers. Do you want to be a friend others can confide in? Listen often & listen well. Fight the urge to interrupt, to make the narrative about you, to check your phone. Just be there. Do you want to be a runner? Put those Nikes on, even when it’s raining, when you’re tired, when the day seems too busy. Keep running, when your body aches & your heart pounds & your mind says, “Just give up.” Do you want to be a follower of Jesus? Follow him. Daily. When you fall (& you will, a lot), get up & keep following.

Life well lived is not about perfection. But it is about consistency. Deep down in your soul, I know you have dreams. Things you’ve always wanted to become. Goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. The great news is I know you can do them — just start running. Start listening. Start writing. Start following. Start whatever it is. Consistency is one little word with life-changing results. Believe me, before you know it, you’ll be saying, “I’m a _____,” & you’ll mean it. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I’m Jessica, & I am a writer. Who are you going to be?

One Reply to “Sometimes, Success Is One Little Word Away”

  1. Thank you my Granddaughter, for your words of encouragement.
    Your Nana is a Christian Counselor. Yes, that is my passion in life.
    As a counselor and a teacher of the Word, it is my desire to teach and
    train women who strongly desire to minister counsel to others the art
    of of Lay Christian Counseling. This, ultimately, is who I am going to be.
    Thank you for your blog which inspired me to put it in writing!


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