Finding Jesus in a Baseball Stadium

I’m living in the middle of one of the busiest seasons I’ve seen. The more I check off my to-do lists, the longer they seem to grow. I don’t have an evening free until May. My plate is so full.

Yesterday, I didn’t do even one productive thing.

Sometimes, the thing that makes the least sense is the thing that’s most worth doing. Life’s funny that way. Staring at my piles of lists & laundry & life events for too long causes my mind to go a little bit haywire. A good work ethic will always sit high on my list, but yesterday, what my heart needed was a Sabbath rest.

My heart found more joy & more Jesus in ice cream & a baseball game than I could’ve ever dug up in writing & working & waltzing from task to task. Against all logic (which is very hard for my little type-A self), I exchanged my laptop & iPhone for jean overalls, sunshine & a few of my best friends. I know my week will be better for it. Sometimes, life just urges us to choose the thing that is healthy over the thing that seems practical.

Have you experienced this? It pops up in my life all the time. When my bank account looks too slim to share my finances, that’s when I most need to be faithful to give. When I’m too busy to crack open my Bible, that’s when I most need to be saturated with truth. When every fiber of me wants to run from conflict, that’s when I most need to work toward resolution with the ones I love. And when my mind screams that I need to pick up the pace in my hectic life, that’s when my heart most needs to slow down. Today was full of laughter and calories and a little bit of sunburn. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

In a world that screams, “Do more, do more,” Jesus looks at our worn-thin souls & says, “Why don’t you stop for while & be?” Be at rest. Be restored. Be with Him. Be with you. It’s incredible how quickly we lose sight of ourselves, like who we are is buried under all those to-dos and have-tos. Turns out, all it took for me to remember was a few hours at play & a big cup of frozen yogurt. I think Jesus delights in this kind of rest. I think I can find His heart in a stadium just as easily as I can find it in a sanctuary.

Yes, today I’m playing catch-up, but in the best kind of mood — refreshed. My body’s rested, & so is my heart. So I’ll answer emails & write articles & do that never-ending laundry, I’ll show up for conference calls & meetings & coffee dates. You won’t believe the energy you will find on the other side of rest. If you’ve been running fast & running on empty, step away. Your tired soul will thank you. And tomorrow, you’ll be ready again.

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