They Say, “Don’t Google Yourself.” This Time, It Worked Out.

Yesterday, I got the surprise of my life: I found my own book on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.03.54 PM

Pre-sale dates are usually pretty fluid, so I didn’t have a date circled on the calendar for when it would list as a tangible item online, but seeing “click to preorder” beside my name on the cover of a book — pages with words that I wrestled with, prayed through, cried over — was the most surreal thing my heart has seen. Ever.

I’m going to be an absolute mess on release day. (Which is August 4th — less than four months away, y’all! HOW COOL IS THAT.)

In the months leading up to the release of #Stolen, I’m over-the-moon excited to share more about the story behind the story, the reasons why I’m passionate about what I’ve written & the truly miraculous way this book even exists.

But before diving into the details, I just need you to know this: Jesus is faithful. Every time I look at that beautiful cover design & think about my words getting into the hands of girls who need to know where their identity lies, tears well up in my eyes. What an honor to lift high the name of my Jesus page after page. That’s always been my prayer. Watching preorders roll in on Amazon today is proof that He hears. He listens. He fights for me. And when He has something to say, He will say it. My job was simply to say, “yes.” To be obedient & write about the things that stir my heart because they stir His.

On the surface, #Stolen is a book about social media. At its heart, #Stolen is a book about identity, about the war that is raging for our souls every day. I wrote each page with teenage girls in mind. My heart is so tender to the millions of voices they’re sifting through every day, on Twitter & Tumblr & Snapchat & a thousand other platforms. They desperately need to hear truth in the midst of all the noise. If you know a high school girl, buy her a copy. If you know lots of high school girls, buy them all copies. Better yet, get them to an event & invite me to speak. I’m passionate about this, & I’d love to share — not to promote my project, but to proclaim truth.

If you’re not in high school — hey, even if you’re not a girl — don’t disregard these words. There are examples & situations within the pages of the book that pertain to that demographic, definitely. But there is truth that pertains to every demographic embedded in them, too. My tagline has always been, “To know what you love, you have to know who you are.” the blog often jumps to the “what you love” piece of the equation, but this book takes the conversation back to square one, to learning (or re-learning) who you are. #Stolen hits stores on August 4th. I can’t wait to watch Jesus show up & show off. Are you ready?

4 Replies to “They Say, “Don’t Google Yourself.” This Time, It Worked Out.”

  1. OhMyGoodness… I meant to comment the second I saw your news yesterday!!! The cover, the message, and YOU are beautiful, my friend. I can’t wait for this. I’ve loved tracking you through this whole project!! Praying for God’s ginormous favor on #Stolen. Cheering from way up here!!!


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