I Can’t Adopt Every Child In Africa (& Why That’s Okay)

It doesn’t take much to tug on my heartstrings. I’ve never watched an adoption video without crying. I follow multiple organizations that are working to eradicate human trafficking. My soul aches when I see genocide & disease & famine. In recent years, the things of the kingdom of Jesus have stirred my heart in powerful ways.

But there are so many broken things. So many causes I long to champion. So many missions I want to fund. So many needs that I yearn to see met. Unlimited needs, in fact. Sometimes, my heart is overwhelmed — with empathy, yes, but also with the staggering needs I see, across the street and across the globe. My life is so little in comparison. My resources feel like a single drop in a vast ocean.

I want to use my limited life to honor Jesus. There is so much potential for good that I sometimes feel paralyzed by it. Surely, I can’t fix all these things. And so, I wring my hands & wait — for clarity of which cause to run after, for enough financial resources to make a significant difference, for a big enough platform to raise awareness.

And in that waiting, I sin.

I was never intended to meet all the needs of the world. My life cannot supply what they demand. What I’m learning is that Jesus never intended it to be this way. I am not the answer. He is the supplier, with resources deeper than I can fathom & grace even deeper than that. My only command is twofold: love & share. Love the least of these & the most of these, the best of friends & the most random of strangers. Share my time, share my resources, share my passions, share the gospel.

When I sit back & weigh potentially great causes, I am not sharing or loving. When my heartstrings are tugged, I am not called to empathy. I am called to action.

I cannot adopt every child, send food to every hungry refugee, or send medication for every curable disease. But I can do something. I’m learning to lean into that tugging, to just jump in. He is the supplier. I am the beautiful feet that bring good news. My life is limited, but it is not useless. My resources are small, but they are not insignificant. So I will stop deliberating & start serving. I know the supplier. And He has all we need.

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