Community Fridays: Did I Just Become the Girl Who Talks About the Weather?

“In short, Fridays are a standing date with celebration. I want to be a celebrator —  of fun products, of passionate people, of new ideas.” When I started Community Fridays, I just knew that I wanted to end every week with some confetti. To stir excitement over innovative ideas & celebrate new projects, to introduce my community to you — my internet friends, & to just generally have a great time.

And today, I truly feel — from the bottom of my heart — that there is nothing better to celebrate than this gorgeous weather.

I am not joking when I tell you that my heart has been light as a feather all week. I’ve practically danced my way to Friday, with nothing more than the sunshine to thank. It’s been the best week of the year. It’s been transformative for my attitude & my freckles.

Sometimes, I think all the seasons are my favorite (except winter, because duh). But for some reason, spring fills even more joyful this year. I’m just watching new life pop up all around me & it feels like new life is coming for me, too. New city. New job. New community. New season of life, in a really big way. So I’ve been celebrating the little things in a big way too.

This week, I’ve done most of my writing on our back porch, in the sun. I can seriously feel endorphins making me a nicer person after a couple hours of afternoon sun. Wednesday was the first shorts day of the year. That was glorious. (They were also brand new shorts from Urban Outfitters for $5 dollars. So, it was a party. You get it.) Yesterday was the first outside coffee date. All week long, I’ve been driving about down with Mat Kearney turned up & the windows rolled down. And honestly, that’s been the beautiful thing about this week. I’ve just been celebrating spring because I can, & when the weather turned into a party, life followed suit.

Are you loving these seventy degree days as much as I am? It’s the first official weekend of spring. Let’s shut our laptops & go enjoy it. Happy Friday, friends 🙂

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