Sunsets to See

Lynchburg might not have much, but we pride ourselves on unparalleled sunsets.

Tonight, as I was driving home, yet another one took my breath away. I don’t have many sunsets left in this city, so maybe I’m just waxing nostalgic, but I turned off the music & just drove for a while, taking it in. Wondering how many of these painted skies I’ve missed because my mind was tangled into a ball of stress about grades or conflict or deadlines or plans.

That’s the thing about college towns; in them, we rush so fast to figure out our lives that some of the beautiful moments slip right by, silently, unnoticed. Not this year. Not this season.

The first three months of 2015 held lots of rejoicing & lots of struggling. It’s been a mixed bag of a season, more than any other. But I am so proud that it’s a season I’ve lived, not rushed past. I’ve acknowledged the hard things. I’ve celebrated the great things. And I’ve paid more attention to sunsets & good cups of coffee & nights when all my best friends were crammed into my living room.

Some seasons are long & lonely. Some are brief & beautiful. Some are full of vision, others full of questions. But they all are seasons. They have an end date, even though some may not come as clearly stamped as a college graduation. Seasons don’t last forever. Treasure them as they come so you can cherish them when they’re gone. If you spend all your time trying to capture good seasons on Instagram, you’ll miss the joy. If you spend all of your time gritting your teeth & pushing fast through bad seasons, you’ll miss the lesson.

Just live your seasons. They are each a priceless gift. You’ve got sunsets to see, friend.

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