And Suddenly, I Understood Blacksmiths

Well, friends, the blog has been so much fun. But with graduation, a big move, & a new season of life coming up, I think it’s time to take a break from this little space.


This corner of the internet feels more like home to me every day. I’ve grown more disciplined as I pour out little pieces of my heart & my story every day. I’ve grown more honest as I’ve worked through the shallow to get to the deep, to the real. I’ve grown more passionate about making our online voices a force for goodness & kindness & encouragement, because I really believe that can happen.

So of course, I’m not quitting. But honestly? Some days, I want to. I haven’t lost sight of those things I just mentioned — they are the fuel to the fire that is writing. But becoming a force for kindness takes a back seat when I wrestle with a sentence over & over and still am not satisfied. Cutting through the shallow talk can be hard on days when things of depth are painful to address. Writing words of encouragement can seem out of reach when my heart feels too weary to preach truth, even to myself.

I used to hear the term “wordsmith” & laugh a little. Then, I became a full-time writer. A blacksmith’s metal is none too willing to change shape. He stands by the fire until it’s pliable. He spends hours twisting & turning, pushing & pulling, & twisting again. He hammers away at the pieces that don’t fit. Words are my metal. So I’ll stand by the fire, I’ll wrestle, I’ll hammer away — I’ll fight too. Anything worth doing requires some elbow grease. And I believe, with every fiber of who I am, that these words are worth writing.

I don’t know what your dream is. But I do know that you will have to wrestle with it before you’re proud of it. When you find your passion, chase it. Don’t shy away from the struggle. Lean into it. Fight hard, fight fair, fight well. The things you love are so worth fighting for. On the other side, I bet you’ll find a dream come true. A dream you’re proud that you fought for.

One Reply to “And Suddenly, I Understood Blacksmiths”

  1. Jessica, thank you for taking your Nana down into the deep where
    truth and reality reside.
    Surface splashes obscure the underlayers.
    One must be brave and honest to venture there.
    Your wisdom blesses.


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