Church People Are Boring (So Don’t Be One)

Easter week is upon us. If you run in any sort of church circle, you know that this is a big deal. You know who comes to church on Easter Sunday? Unchurched people. You know what church people are supposed to do? Invite them. I love that the church explodes this time of year, asking those they know — and those they don’t — to come celebrate Jesus on this monumental day.

But sometimes, I wonder why church people are always the ones asking the questions. I wish unchurched people would come up & ask something of us.

Can I let you in on a secret? Sometimes, church people are boring. We talk about our small groups & worship services & special events like they’re just things we have to go to, dates on our calendar. We whine about all the things we’re against, politically & socially & morally. Unchurched people don’t ask church people anything because they don’t want any part of what they see. They don’t need negative opinions or a fuller calendar. So they just steer clear.

Unchurched people talk to someone else: Jesus people. Jesus people aren’t caught up in condemning what they’re against, they’re busy elevating the things they’re for. Jesus people aren’t concerned with loaded schedules, they’re concerned with loving people. Jesus people aren’t even worshiping the greatness of their program at church, they’re worshiping the greatness of their God. Jesus people are rare. And lost people can’t stay away from them.

When someone encounters a Jesus person, they’ll ask questions — because Jesus people are different. Jesus people attract the souls that church people repulse.

Hear me, friends: “church people” is not an all-encompassing term for everyone who attends church. I know lots & lots of Jesus people who love their churches passionately. The kind of church people I’m talking about are so caught up in the rules & requirements that they’ve lost all their joy. They’re not inviting lost people to Easter services because they’re overflowing with excitement about the miracle of the resurrection; they’re inviting lost people to Easter services because they’ve decided it’s their duty to win people to Jesus.

Here’s the catch: we cannot win people to Jesus. Jesus wins people to Himself. He is irresistible. We just need to show who He is, share the hope we’ve found, be like Him. When you are in love with the One who’s redeemed your soul, kindness & joy & peace will gush out onto everyone you meet. Jesus people turn heads. I promise.

So pass out cards, extend invitations, ask questions as Easter approaches. But make sure you’re living a life that provokes questions, too. Because church people might be boring, but Jesus people are living the greatest adventure of all. They’re radically different. And lost people will want to know why.

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