Look Somewhere Else

To know what you love, you have to know who you are.

You’ll find that phrase in just about every corner of this website. It’s become a calling card of sorts, that one little tagline that cuts to the heart of what I want my writing to be about. What I want my job to be about. I don’t just want to write things that give you knowledge, or laughter, or even encouragement. I want to write things that help you find your identity, & to reclaim the pieces of it that have gotten lost along the way.

Identity. The very word stirs something deep down in me. I know it matters. It matters most of all. You are not your profession, but knowing who you are will guide you to what you love. You are not your failures, & knowing who you are will keep them from defining you. You are not your successes, either, & knowing who you are will keep you humble.

I believe that identity is important. I believe it so much that I speak about it, often & loudly. But even in the midst of my certainty, my own identity gets hazy sometimes. Life is loud. Life is messy. Sometimes it drowns out that small but steady voice in my soul that reminds me who I am, why I’m alive, & what I love. At first, I couldn’t figure out why I lose sight of that voice from time to time. When I felt confusion set in, I’d look back at journal entries & stare hard into the mirror, trying to find the place inside myself where I’d gotten off track. Then, I realized that was the problem.

Looking at me to find myself is a pattern that leads to spiraling confusion. When I get too introspective, it’s hard to tell up from down, black from white. The human heart is a confusing place to set up camp. We were never meant to define ourselves, to determine our own worth & passions. We’re much too fickle — and much too insignificant, in the scheme of things — to figure it all out. The more we focus inward, the more hazy our views will become. We need to look somewhere else. Somewhere better. The murky stuff clears away when we look to the shaper of our identities, the author of our passions, the lover of our hearts.

We know ourselves better when we see Jesus clearly.

In the coming weeks, I’m excited to share practical advice about knowing you who are so that you can dive headfirst into what you love. But this is the foundation. Practical advice always rests on this truth: for clarity, look to Jesus. Who He is — that’s what enables us to be who we are made to be. Stop trying to “find yourself.” He’s already found you. So seek Him out this morning. I think you’ll find a fuller heart & a clearer view are waiting.

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