Why Baby Steps Are The Biggest

Sometimes, life is all about a leap of faith. We’ve all been at the crossroads of big decisions that come with big uncertainty, & so we have stories & plans & advice galore. Seasons like that are kind of the buzzword these days. But what if you’re not in one?

This morning’s musings are for the hearts who aren’t about to jump into something new. For you, life is steady on. Consistent, if a little bland. You don’t see confusion & uncertainty ahead, & you aren’t hurling yourself into a leap of faith. Your days look more like baby steps, calculated & small.

If you’re craving the excitement of not knowing what’s next or missing the anticipation of a brand new season, I have a word that I hope will revive your heart today. The way you step though the “steady on” days is the most important of all. What calmer seasons lack in adventure, they make up for in character formation. Don’t wish them away. They are shaping you profoundly.

Those seasons of life that require you to leap are exhilarating, yes. But they’re also scary. Standing in the crossroads gives freedom, but it’s often accompanied by confusion. And as you choose a path or begin a freefall, it’s too late to gather wisdom for the journey. Wisdom is formed on the days filled with shuffling baby steps. The days you might be living now. The days when life is calm. The days when it doesn’t seem we have much to choose.

Oh, but we do. We can choose to be faithful, even in the smallest of things. Faithfulness in little decisions leads to wisdom in big decisions.

So walk faithfully through this day, even if it’s full of paperwork, or potty training, or painting over scuffs on a wall for the thousandth time. Practice faithfulness by working hard & loving well, by chasing integrity & kindness, by setting your priorities & then standing by them. These seemingly insignificant days are strengthening you. They are training your heart to beat to the rhythm of faithfulness to who you are & to the One who made you. Go through the little things of today with a spring in your step. I think you’ll find joy in faithfulness. And when the leap of faith comes (and oh, friend, it will come), you’ll be well-versed in wisdom & rich in joy. You’ll be ready.

All you’ll have to do is jump.

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