Friends, the blog is one month old today. How did this happen?

Let me level with you: I thought writing a post every day would get tedious. Really fast. I’m the first to raise my hand for being a creative type who thrives on challenges, but before the launch, I panicked for a few minutes. Okay, a few days. Producing content five days a week is a big task. Producing good content five days a week is an even bigger one. I hoped I wouldn’t burn out. I hoped you wouldn’t, either.

You know what? I didn’t burn out. The more I write, the more I want to write. I’m learning that the secret to accomplishing big tasks is showing up. Every time I sit down to create, to plan, to type — this little space feels more like home. My dream has always been to create a little corner of the internet that’s safe, honest, and kind. There are so many corners in the world that aren’t. Pouring my heart & my passions out in this space has been fun. But I could do that in a journal. What makes this incredible is seeing you respond. This blog exists so that we can hear each other & say, “Me too.” The “me too” is what helps us find a tribe, the people that know us & love us & do life with us, even if it’s on a screen. The “me too” people are our people. Life is infinitely better when we know that our hearts are understood. And I want to understand yours even better in month two than I did in month one.

Cultivating this space takes work. It’s work that’s a privilege. It’s work that I love deeply. It’s work that I’m excited for. And it’s work that I need your help with. In this huge, echoey space we call the world wide web, I want to know what pings back, what resonates with you, what stirs something in your heart. There are two ways to help: comment below, or send me an email at Is there a topic you’ve been dying to read about? I’d love to hear it. Is there a feature on the blog that’s just not working for you? Let me know. How can we make this space less of a monologue & more of a conversation? Is there someone you’d like to guest blog? Would you like to guest blog? I trust you to give me the good, the bad & the ugly — because this space isn’t just for me. It’s for us. It’s for you. And I want you to love it.

Most of all, I want to hear about what’s been happening in your heart in the last month. Did a piece of your creative spirit come back to life? Were you encouraged by a new perspective? Has Jesus changed something in you because our time together here? Let me know. Let’s keep growing together. I need my people to stand up and say, “me too.”

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