The Importance of Baking Cookies

No matter how busy life got, my mom insisted on family dinner. I grew up rushing between school & basketball practice & guitar lessons & youth group — but sitting at the table in front of a home-cooked meal was always part of the mix. I didn’t understand why it was to important to her, but I never complained. After all, what kid turns down delicious food?

These days, sitting around the table with my family is pretty rare. But when we do get to share a meal, it’s always full of laughter & honesty & wisdom. I know now that our meals center around community because my mom fought to keep that tradition even when life threatened it. Community around the table has been a part of our family culture for as long as I can remember. I carry it with me in ways I didn’t even realize for years. I love to cook, to have people I love sit around my own table, to show hospitality to hearts that need it. I also love to eat well, to visit great restaurants with great people, to dive into a culture by learning what they love to eat.

Food brings people together. So share meals with too many calories to count. Or share gluten-free, paleo meals if you’re into that instead. But share meals that fill you up in ways food never really could. At the end of the day, it’s not about the food. It’s about the community you’re sharing it with. We all need to eat, so capitalize on it. Create a culture of sharing life while you share a meal. It can be as simple as baking cookies and inviting friends. They’ll come. I promise. I speak from lots of experience. Our bodies thrive on food, but our hearts thrive on community. When we combine them, life becomes all the richer.

One Reply to “The Importance of Baking Cookies”

  1. What a heartfelt tradition. Others could benefit from this beautiful
    Family time, as many in our own society have not had the benefit or
    blessing of the community you speak of. Nothing else csn compare
    to that special dinner time with family.


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