Becoming a Celebrator


Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. We love to eat great food & have great conversation & celebrate each other, and birthdays give us the perfect reason to combine all of that into on big, happy day. Today is mine. I woke up in Charleston, South Carolina to a forecast of sunny & 76°: a beautiful day in a beautiful place. It’s definitely going to be a day worth celebrating. I’ve been so excited for this week that I started to wonder why birthday celebrations don’t happen more often. I quickly remembered that none of us are really trying to age faster, so I scratched one word from that list. But the question keeps gnawing at me.

Why don’t birthday celebrations happen more often?

I want to be known as a celebrator. Not just of birthdays or promotions or graduations, but of life. Of blossoming friendships, of baking perfect chocolate chip cookies, of sunshine. Maybe “celebrator” isn’t a label you’re familiar with, & maybe it sounds a little naïve to you to run around throwing mini-parties just because it’s Tuesday, or whatever. But I would challenge that skepticism with this idea: we’re already being labeled as something.

Your heart has labels, friend. Maybe one reads “worrier” or “whiner.” Maybe you’ve being calling yourself “always late,” “broke,” “angry,” or “disorganized.” We stick those labels to ourselves & to others without even batting an eye. I will not stand for those labels anymore. They might be things I do. They might be things I’m fighting. But they are not who I am. I want to speak truth to my own heart — & to yours. I want to be known as “kind” and “encouraging” and “champion of others.” So I’m choosing to be a celebrator. I’m choosing to be the kind of girl who’s known for a life that’s joy-filled, for no reason other than that the creator of joy is also the author of all my days. That’s definitely worth celebrating.

I don’t just want to dance around my life celebrating spontaneous things. As much fun as celebrating Tuesday is, what’s even better is celebrating people. Remember the childlike joy & innocence that birthdays used to bring? I believe our hearts all need a shot of that feeling from time to time. You have friends who are struggling to feel joy, to feel beautiful, to feel worthy of love. Go remind them that they are worth it. Celebrate their unique contribution to your world. A piece of their heart will heal, maybe even one they didn’t realize was broken. And your heart will be better for it, too.

Stop waiting for the weekend, for the summer, for the next circled date on your calendar. There is beauty to celebrated today. There are people to be celebrated today. I’m sure not going to wait 365 more days to throw a party. Let’s stick that “celebrator” label to our hearts, & then let’s live up to our name.

One Reply to “Becoming a Celebrator”

  1. We can even celebrate Life, Health, Peace in our own lives and in the
    lives of others.
    Yes, dear Jessica, we have much to celebrate!


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