Community Fridays: Winter Weather, Spring Fever

Hey, college friends: spring break is here! All my other friends: spring is coming! And yet… I’m looking out my window at snow that just won’t go away. This is the hardest part of the year for me: it’s cold and it’s dreary, the holidays are long gone & summer days are still in the distance. When “seasonal depression” sets in, the best thing to do is dance the winter blues away.  So if the weather isn’t helping your mood at all either, I have a playlist that definitely will.

Check it out here on Spotify: Spring Break Playlist

  1. Golden – Parade of Lights
  2. Silhouettes – Colony House
  3. Shut Up & Dance – Walk The Moon
  4. Psychosocial – Brooke Fraser
  5. Billion – Mat Kearney
  6. Diamonds – Johnnyswim
  7. Run – COIN
  8. Meant to Be – Parachute
  9. Fireproof – One Direction
  10. One Black Sheep – Mat Kearney
  11. 10,000 Emerald Pools – BØRNS
  12. Giants – X Ambassadors
  13. So Pretty I Could Lose My Mind – Aaron Krause
  14. Pieces – Andrew Belle
  15. We Won’t Go Home – The Colourist

What are you listening to these days, friends?

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