Holding the Door Open

Church services were cancelled this past weekend because of the snow & ice. I love my community, & I love gathering to worship Jesus together with our voices and our hearts. Sunday morning has been home to lots of holy moments in me. But there was something sweet about being tucked away at home with a steaming cup of coffee and a pile of blankets. The world was still. The apartment was quiet. It felt like a holy moment, too.

So I nestled deep into my blankets on the couch & clicked on the next sermon in a series I’ve been catching up on. And two days later, one sentence from that message is still rolling around in the corners of my mind.

“As followers of Jesus, we are not gatekeepers. We are door holders.”

Gatekeepers are guards. They determine who can enter and who needs to stay outside the walls. They choose who is good enough to enter. They’re always exclusive. They’re often intimidating. They’re not often kind.

Door holders are welcomers. They point the way & beckon others closer. They celebrate those who step inside. They’re always inclusive. They’re often excited. They’re never judgmental.

I’ve been guilty of guarding the gates when it comes to grace. I can make Jesus look more like a secret club than an all-inclusive party. But grace is worth celebrating. And it’s worth celebrating for everyone. If I’m unwilling to extend grace, it’s likely that I don’t understand grace at all. Here’s the bottom line: if I really believed that the gospel is good news for broken people, & if my heart is really for those broken people, I would share it. Loudly. And often. I would be swinging the door open wide, and holding it open for as long as I possibly could.

I don’t want to hoard grace. I want to shout about it from the highest place I can find. I want to stop the gatekeeper act & live like I’m a door holder today. Who will you choose to be?

(If you’d like to hear more of this message from Mark 1, you can watch it online here or download it on iTunes here.)

One Reply to “Holding the Door Open”

  1. Jessica, you have an awesome handle on what you write about Grace.
    If ever there was a time in history Grace was needed, it is now!
    Grace personifies JESUS.
    So, please, Lord, help us to open the door of our hearts to extend your
    Grace to a hurting society.
    Grace loves the unlovely.
    Grace forgives freely.
    Grace cares about souls.
    Your message will penetrate hearts by the score!
    Thank you, my graceful Granddaughter.
    Your Nana


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