Espresso Shots for the Tired Soul (How I Got Through Wednesday)

I didn’t want to go to church last night.

My day hadn’t been all that taxing, but I was reaping the consequences of sleep deprivation & a to-do list overload. Emotionally, I was running on empty. Even as I slid into my car, I whispered, “Jesus, I don’t think I have anything to give you tonight.” The idea of handshakes, hugs, and small talk felt overwhelming to my worn-out soul. The idea of sitting through a sermon seemed exhausting to my tired mind. I just didn’t feel like being there. I needed a serious attitude check — and I knew it, but I couldn’t find the energy to do the soul searching it would take to get there.

As I stood, lyrics from the song flooded into the middle of my monologue, drowning out my complaints: “the Lamb has overcome.” And while the song is about the resurrection of Jesus, my mind began to grab hold of that truth in a new way.

Yes, Jesus has overcome death & the grave — if that’s all He ever did, it’s reason enough for my heart to praise with every beat. But He has also overcome my weakness. My weariness. My insufficiency. My defeat. My brokenness. He has overcome so that I can overcome.

In fact, He’s even overcome my feelings. Because at the heart of worship is not whether I feel like it, but that He’s worthy of it. He’s worthy of my worship when I’m on top of the world, and He’s worthy of my worship when I drag myself into service on a worn-out Wednesday. Action precedes emotion, and so I sang out those lyrics, clinging to their truth regardless of the way I felt in that moment.

And you know what? The more I sang, the more I believed. My tired heart started to stir with joy again, because I serve a God that has overcome, and One that is overcoming in me day after day. The remedy to my downcast day was not to flip the switch to introspective mode — in fact, I didn’t need to look at me at all. I needed to look at Jesus, the One who’s overcome.

Whether your heart is on cloud nine or laying in the dirt, take a few moments today to look to Jesus. He is so worth those precious minutes. Say — out loud — what He is overcoming in your life. It’s like an espresso shot straight to your spirit to hear the truth of who He is & what He can do. And after you’ve fixed your eyes there? Start overcoming. You have all the power you need.

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