Courage: One Little Word

I’ve needed a big dose of this little word lately.

The first two decades of my life went by pretty much as expected. Infant turned toddler turned preschooler, then off to elementary, middle & high school. As far as I can remember, I tried to rush those seasons by as fast as they’d go, because the real prize was waiting after that high school diploma: college. College was the best, too — everything I’d imagined & then some. In my years at Liberty, I was simultaneously soaking up college & preparing for the real world: only one short season away.

I wish someone had told me that we can’t prepare for the real world. We can plan our little hearts out, sure; but life stops getting predictable. There’s no new semester waiting around the corner, no three month break in the middle of the year, no convenient meal plan to sign up for. The real world — it’s job searching, tax filing, rent paying, & bank account balancing. Some days, I think that “post-grad” is just another synonym for “terrified.”

IMG_3641Stepping out of the security of college & into the world of freelance work has been shaky at best. It’s independence mixed with fear, big dreams with a heaping side of hard realities, equal parts joy & hesitation. It’s learning to knock on new doors even as I watch old ones closing. It’s choosing to be loving even in the face of hurt. It’s deciding to step out when I want to stay put, to lean in when I want to build walls, to run toward things I love instead of from things I fear. Most of all? It’s about remembering who I am & Whose I am.

Life’s uncertain. Jesus is not. So I’m clinging to courage in this season, continuing to take steps of faith, even when they seem tiny. This little word with big implications has become the motto of this season, so much so that I wear it on my wrist day in & day out.

What’s your “little word” these days?

(My bracelet is from The Giving Keys. Check them out here. My coffee is from Frothy Monkey, my favorite coffee shop on this planet. I exaggerate often, but this time I’m serious. If you’re ever in Nashville, put them on your “don’t miss” list.)

One Reply to “Courage: One Little Word”

  1. Love this, girl. I remember ALL of these feelings while I was getting ready to graduate from college and move into the “real world.” It’s not as terrifying as you’d think, but it’s definitely still a change that takes some time to adjust to.


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