Unwrapped Messes

In life’s messiest moments, we want to make someone — anyone — believe that we have it all handled, that the chaos is being held at a manageable level, that we are in control. The harder things get, the more tempting it becomes to dress life up in a neat little package, tie a bow on it, and parade it around. We just want things to look “together”. Especially when they’re not.

When I attempt to dress up my mess, I use my words. Writing has always been my most convincing tool that I’ve perfected the balancing act, that life is perfect, that my heart is happy. It’s easy to fit hard situations into syntax, to box them in with punctuation and hit “send.”

Being vulnerable is hard. Living without genuine community is harder. So here’s my promise: this will always be a place where I’ll write through the mess, not package it up under false pretense. Sometimes, things are great. Sometimes, things are not. But Jesus is always good, and grace is always available when I’m honest enough to admit that I need it. Wrapping paper & bows will only cover up, never clean up. So when life gets messy, I’m going to leave it unwrapped and write smack-dab in the middle of it.

What’s your wrapping paper when life gets messy? I dare you to drop the act today. There will always be space for you to be honest here, to let your soul breathe without hiding behind a facade of perfection. It’s better to walk through things together than to pretend that we have it all together. Let’s choose authenticity even when it’s the harder road. Let’s choose grace over judgment. Most of all, let’s step into each other’s messes instead of stepping aside.

Put your wrapping paper down & your hiking boots on. Time to tackle some messes, friend.

4 Replies to “Unwrapped Messes”

  1. My wrapping paper is holding things in. I hold things in and it hurts deeply inside. I get scared to telling how I feel or how hurt I am because I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I need to learn how to tell how I feel about things that hurt instead of holding it in. You are loved xx


  2. Now you are talking to us all – young and old alike!
    Your message has a way of helping us unzipper ourselves.
    That old fear of rejection (which started in the Garden) still captivates
    Your boldness will help many come out of the shadows and find peace.


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